The purpose of education in STIE Indonesia Banjarmasin is to producestudents who are devoted to God, mastering the science and technology which are relevant to the business world, good behaving, and showing entrepreneurship spirit.
Method and Process of Learning
Every lecturer is obliged to make Satuan Acara Perkuliahan (SAP) consisting of timeline, lecturing material, strategy and method of teaching. The lecturing process in STIE Indonesia Banjarmasin uses tutorial methods, discussion, and presentation aided with audio-visual projector. The method applied in learning is theStudent Center Learning approach by combining relevant practices and theories in order to create an ICT based learning experience. To make sure that students’ hard skill and soft skill competences are in balance, the lecturing is oriented in entrepreneurship character building as well as character integrity, which are both integrated with all the subjects (curriculum) and co-curricular, that is by giving a place for the students to develop their interests in the organizations as well as in student activity units.
Evaluation System
The evaluation upon the students isdone twice in a semester: (1) Midterm Test (UTS); (2) Final Test (UAS). Besides UTS and UAS, evaluation also covers the assignments and the students’ attendance in class.
Quality Assurance
To guarantee that the education quality meetsthe satisfaction of the students, alumni, and the users of the alumni, a quality assurance institution called Lembaga Penjaminan Mutu dan Kerjasama was established.

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