The symbol of STIE Indonesia Banjarmasin is pentagon-shaped with a traditional Banjar house in the middle and surrounded by rice and cotton in a big circle written with SEKOLAH TINGGI ILMU EKONOMI INDONESIA BANJARMASIN in gold and black.
The meanings of the symbols:
-          Pentagon refers to the Indonesian national principle, Pancasila.
-          The white circle means a strong and pure unity.
-          The Banjar traditional house as one of Banjar cultures is a local characteristic of STIE Indonesia Banjarmasin as a university that was built in the land of Kalimantan.
-          Rice and cotton are the symbols of prosperity.
-          19 grains of paddy, 12 stalks of cotton, 8 foundation of Banjar house, and 3 stairs are the representations of 19 December 1983, the date when the Indonesian government through Kopertis approved the change of the name of the college from AKPI (Akademi Keuangan dan Perbankan Indonesia) to STIKI (Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Keuangan Indonesia).
The meanings of the colors:
-          Yellow represents generosity.
-          White represents purity.
-          Black represents determination and self confidence.
-          Green represents fertility, prosperity, and hope.

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