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College of Economics Indonesia Banjarmasin (STIE Indonesia Banjarmasin) is a school of business organized by the National Foundation for Educational Institutions kejurusan Indonesia Banjarmasin (YLPKNI Banjarmasin). As an institution of higher learning, STIE Indonesia Banjarmasin organizational culture characterized by dynamic and forward-looking. STIE Indonesia Banjarmasin which is one of the oldest private universities in Kalimantan direction development plan that includes three things, namely:


1. Build a global insight

2. Establish centers of excellence

3. Build a moral ethic The Real Campus


STIE Indonesia Banjarmasin has the motto as "The Real Campus". This has a meaning that STIE Indonesia Banjarmasin ready to educate human beings become intelligent and high ethics. That magnanimity man who brought goodness and ethical mandate as creatures of God Almighty, must be turned on, conserved, and imparted to every citizen campus STIE Indonesia Banjarmasin, so it becomes an ethical character STIE Indonesia Banjarmasin. All the forces of rationality, intellectual, and spirituality in the life of academic and non-academic campus, the base should reflect the real character of this campus. All campus residents STIE Indonesia Banjarmasin expected to have behavior and manners are based on awareness of this character when hanging out in the community and outside the campus with all its social dynamics.

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STIE Kayutangi

Jl. Brigjend H. Hasan Basry No. 9-11
Banjarmasin, Kalimantan Selatan

Tel     : (0511) 3304652
Fax     : (0511) 3305238
email : it@stiei-kayutangi-bjm.ac.id

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