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The Webometrics Rank of a university is strongly linked to the volume and quality of the contents it publishes on the Web. Such contents should be originated by the faculty and other members of the university or by special agreement with external authors. It is not fair to use external contents for improving the rank of the university.

The following two procedures lead to the exclusion of the Ranking:

Increase artificially the number of files in the website, especially in the repository, duplicating the same material in different file formats or splitting a document in many different files (for example, a pdf file for every page in a monograph!). This is an unethical behavior.
Use the documents of third parties without permission, violating the copyright of other authors, institutions and editorials. According to the international law this is illegal, a crime that could involve fines by damages in the order of millions of dollars and prison penalties. European Union law punishes even to link to websites that provides access to pirated contents.
Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

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